Lorry piping banned by German law
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In addition to additional lighting, the practice of piping trucks has also been added to the range of bans introduced by German legislation. The local police prohibit owners of such modifications from continuing to drive.

German law is extremely strict in this matter. As we read – piping is only allowed in Germany on vehicles with a GVW of over 3.5 tonnes and only if they have European approval

Recent months have brought information about drivers, who found out about the strictness of the regulations. On the German A1, the police stopped a new-generation Scania R-series with full frontal piping. This was a dedicated component for this Scania model, but the uniformed officers could not find any approval on this body element.

German police were forced to initiate administrative proceedings. The amount of the fine is known only after the entire process is completed, and officers imposed a ban on further driving until the add-on is removed

(Photo by Ansgar Scheffold on Unsplash)

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