Fuel price increases, market changes – what can drivers and trucking companies prepare for?
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The last time fuel cost us more than PLN 6 per liter was in 2012. Today, unfortunately, we are back to that, and all voices point to an even higher increase in diesel and petrol prices. What must drivers and transport companies expect?

Numerous analyses indicate that drivers and transport companies can count on a temporary respite in terms of price changes in Polish refineries. This means that in the coming weeks there will be no strong fluctuations, which means, however, that prices will still remain at the same, already very high level. In addition, analysts say that since January fuel prices may again systematically increase. This is, of course, due to the high demand for crude oil and considerable turmoil regarding the coronavirus and the situation in the Middle East, where pirates systematically attack tankers sailing to Europe, including our country.

Main photo: Connor Forsyth/pexels.com

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