There are no takers for electric vans. Despite subsidies
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As reported by, despite more than 1000 possible subsidies, only 241 entrepreneurs decided to apply for subsidies for e-Vans. Does this small pool indicate the prevailing trends in the country and the reluctance to alternative technology and ecological transport in the delivery sector?

NFOŚiGW three programs of financing ecological transport (the mentioned e-Van, Green Car and Hummingbird) has a total of 148 million PLN. The applications that have been submitted include the amount of… pLN 4.2 million. This is quite surprising, because more than a month has passed since the program started

Why such a tendency? It does not result from the reluctance of our companies to alternative technologies in transport. The program has its limitations. It does not take into account operational leasing, having a very complicated support procedure. Moreover, cities do not invest in the promotion of the programme.

What can an entrepreneur receive under the programme? Even 54 thousand subsidies for the purchase of a van with an alternative drive

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