News from the world of caravanning – trailers like the world has never seen!
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News from the world of caravanning for 2020 was shown at the CMT show in Stuttgart. Check out what the new campers and caravans will look like!

The latest Tabbert Puccini

The trailer combines diffuse and spot lighting. It includes two beds that are as wide as 93 centimeters. These are just two aspects that speak for choosing this model. In addition, the kitchen includes cabinets with a silent closure, a stainless steel sink, and a capacious refrigerator. The cost of the model ranges from 33 to 42 thousand euros.

Tabbert Cellini

The top model, which costs 62-80 thousand euros. The most important novelty? Slide Out system, thanks to which the living area increases by about 20 square meters. In addition, the camper has room for a kitchen with a double sink, microwave and refrigerator with a capacity of 189 liters. There was also designer lighting and a sizable double bed.

Model Weinsberg CaraOne 540 EUH

This is a trailer that is exactly 7.43 meters long. The key feature is the six seating and sleeping areas. There is also a three-burner stove inside, more than 15 liters of capacity in the cooling drawer and four sleeping places at the back of the camper. Another two single beds are placed in the front. The price starts at 18,790 euros.


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