What does road transportation include?
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Road transportation is the most popular transportation service and is cost effective compared to other means. N Different types of trucks are used to transport different types of goods such as hay, vehicles, machinery, heavy equipment and others. Depending on the type of goods, this service is divided into four different categories.

What is road transportation?


Road transport refers to the transportation of goods and personnel by road from one place to another. A road is a route between two destinations that has been paved or shaped to allow transportation by motorized and non-motorized wagons. Road transport has many advantages over other modes of transport. The investment required in road transport is much less compared to other modes such as rail and air transport. The construction cost, operating cost and maintenance cost of roads are cheaper than railroads.

Road transport can be classified as transportation of goods and materials or transportation of people. The main advantage of road transport is that it allows door-to-door delivery of goods and materials and can be a very cost-effective means of transportation, loading and unloading. Sometimes road transport is the only way to transport goods and people to and from rural areas that are not served by rail, water or air transport. Delivering goods between cities, towns and small villages is only possible through road transport. However, despite its various advantages, road transport has serious limitations


For example, there are more chances of accidents and breakdowns in road transportation. So, road transportation is not as safe as other modes of transportation. It is also less organized compared to other modes of transportation. It is irregular and independent. Road transport rates are also unstable and erratic, while the speed is slow and limited, which is a major disadvantage. It is also inappropriate and costly to transport bulky goods over long distances

Nowadays, road transportation has a serious negative ecological impact. Road construction requires melting tar or forming concrete, which can harm the environment. Transport vehicles also emit a lot of pollution in the form of nitrogen dioxide, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide and various harmful air pollutants, including benzene, which have adverse effects on the respiratory system and a serious threat to global warming. Road transport of the future aims to address and reverse these negative effects.

Types of transportation

Everyone knows that road transportation is the most popular transportation service and is cost-effective compared to other means. Undoubtedly, this service is very beneficial. Different types of trucks are used to transport different types of goods such as, hay, vehicles, machinery, heavy equipment, or shipping pallets. Depending on the type of goods, this service is divided into four different categories.

Flatbed Transportation

This road transport is commonly used to ship large construction equipment, construction sections, and heavy machinery. However, it is also ideal for all types of cargo. Generally, large capacity platform trucks are used in this transportation service. The load capacity of these trucks is around 24,000 kg. Flatbed transportation services have many advantages:

  • Faster loading
  • Well-secured cargo
  • Very convenient
  • Enormous space
  • High weight

Hay transport

Hay transportation is another type of road transport services. These services are very cost effective. Generally, large trucks with a platform trailer are used for transporting hay. These trucks can easily transport tons of hay from one place to another. For hay transportation services, the risk is relatively low as compared to other road transportation services.

Temperature controlled transportation

Temperature controlled transportation is an extremely important transportation service. In a kind of mostly refrigerated trucks are used for transportation. Such equipment is equipped with an advanced cooling system. It always helps to keep the goods cool during transportation.

Temperature controlled transportation is not applicable for every product. It is used only for some specific goods that require proper temperature control. The most important and biggest advantage of temperature controlled transportation service is that it helps to protect sensitive goods from spoiling during transportation.

Vehicle Transportation

Vehicle transportation is an extremely difficult and stressful job. This service requires special care and attention to safety. Generally, high capacity trailer trucks are used to transport cars or vehicles from one place to another. Car shipping services are divided into two types. These include open car transport and enclosed car transport. Both are equally beneficial.

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