Self Storage as an alternative to warehouses?
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Business owners complain about the problem of lack of storage space for goods, documents and office stuff. Renting storage halls is expensive and long-term, and functionality is limited. The solution is self storage, or an urban storage service

What is Self Storage?

Self Storage is a format of urban storage facilities. Typically, self-storage facilities are used by owners of apartments that are too small to store seasonal items, as well as those who are moving or renovating and need to store larger items

However, Self Storage is also an interesting alternative for many businesses. Interestingly, regardless of the size of the company and the need for free space. It is an ideal solution for e-commerce store owners who can cut costs by using such storage facilities. Moreover, it will also make it easier for logistics companies that spend a fortune on storage halls

Self Storage allows you the freedom to choose the size of the rented space. You can also use your storage facility at any time – without the need for a prior appointment. Plus, each room in an urban storage facility is separated and padlocked by the customer. On the plus side, the conditions in which your goods will be stored are also dry and safe


Here, you pay for a specific, private, separate room, not for each meter of rented space. Depending on the location, the height of the room can be as high as 270 cm, which allows you to store things piled up and accumulate an impressive amount of stuff

Pricing of individual rooms depending on location


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