Hydrogen the future of the fuel market?
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According to a report by the European Leasing Fund, hydrogen is a promising alternative to diesel and gasoline. Experts predict equally good future for CNG and LPG. In turn, biodiesel may become an alternative for diesel engines

According to the aforementioned report, by 2050 the EU transport sector is to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 90%. What will the fuel market landscape look like in 30 years?

The European Leasing Fund claims that hydrogen has the greatest potential as a fuel with the highest energy density. This is a huge opportunity for Poland. As the authors of the report pointed out – although we are one of the largest producers of this gas in the world, paradoxically there is only one hydrogen powered vehicle registered in Poland.

Biodiesel, which supports agriculture, and battery-powered cars, which are becoming the leading automotive trend, also stand a good chance. In a similar situation is LPG, which may soon be replaced by CNG or LNG for safety reasons

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