Coming soon: Google maps will show prices at passing gas stations!
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Although the feature is not yet available globally, already some of us may see some changes in Google Maps. It’s all about price information for nearby gas stations. Professional drivers will benefit from this!

Soon we will be able to check prices of nearby petrol stations (or ask Siri, the best friend of every driver). This will help to reduce aimless wandering around an unknown area, which usually ends in frustration because of high fuel prices.

Google updates are usually released in waves, so there’s no reason to be frustrated about not having a new feature on your device. That should change soon.

Thanks to the functionality, we are able to take a surreptitious peek at fuel prices at stations along the route while driving. However, we should remember that it is often connected with a considerable risk related to losing focus on the road. Especially on highways and expressways, where every second of attention is worth its weight in gold.

(Photo: Pixabay)

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