Driver problems ‘on pause’ during coronavirus outbreak
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Professional drivers are complaining about the attitude of employers and customers towards their work during the coronavirus pandemic. Mandatory breaks are an inconvenience for many. It is difficult to take care of even the most basic needs. portal writes about violation of employees’ rights. Drivers have a lot of problems with so called pauses, that is obligatory rest from driving. Many companies close their offices during their arrivals. Some do not even put out toilets. Access to showers is also blocked

The problem affects employees both in Poland and abroad. Problems with access to sanitary facilities are e.g. in Germany. Traffic jams are also troublesome, as they are not considered as a rest time but as a normal working time. In the opinion of professional drivers’ associations, transport companies and recipients of services do not care about their comfort. They are treated as a necessary evil. For this reason, the unions have already put forward proposals to change the law to make it easier for drivers to have access to adequate rest. The details are not yet known.

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